The Possession – Motion Poster

Lions Gate & Tigar Hare Studios tapped director Bruce Caulk for his visual style and ability to work with dramatic actors. Bruce directed the talented lead actress Natasha Calis in the motion poster for the hit film, THE POSSESSION.  This digital project was awarded the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award.

UK Gear Commercials

The British high-performance athletic footwear company, UK Gear, launched a new brand of shoe for unique and extreme environments. They hired director Bruce Caulk to create minimalistic yet extreme commercials to profile their DESERT and WINTER versions of the original running shoe. The spots reflect the intensive Army trials in Afghanistan and Norway respectively. This successful launch was almost immediately followed by the winning of the contract to supply the US Army’s prestigious and world-renowned West Point Training Academy. At the same time shoes were supplied to the Polish Special Forces and the Greek military.

UK Gear – “DESERT”

UK Gear – “WINTER”


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© 2020 Travel Ball Partners, LLC. All Rights Reserved.